12 x 12 > 2011

For our 12×12 show at Golden Belt, I produced six acrylic paintings based on an idea from a conversation with a writer and teacher, Kerrin McCadden. We got to talking about Mary Oliver’s book, “Rules for the Dance,” where she discusses the use of breath in metrical verse. So we talked, I read the book, and decided to analyze a short selection of love letters and poetry. In each painting, I’ve used the darkest tone for the “mutes”, the mid-tone for the “aspirates”, and the white for “liquids.”

They looked familiar, and it dawned on me the similar look to a Flash application called Tone Matrix, a simple sinewave synthesizer. So I plotted the white liquids into Tone Matrix and performed a screen capture to create the video clips which let you hear and see the breath in these love letters.

For the 12×12 exhibit, I included a QR code for smart phone users to download the video clip.

12x12 paintings by Heather Gordon